Light Art Collection consists of enthusiastic team members with years of Amsterdam Light Festival experience. Their knowledge and expertise are vital for the realisation of foreign productions. They are the experts on the artwork’s ideal positioning, on how to make a working revenue model and on what practicalities should be reckoned with.

We’re happy to introduce our team to you:

Albert Deltour

Managing Director
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Donald van de Veen

Partnership Manager
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Pam Toonen

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Marnix Heeger

Head of Production
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Lisette Heslenfeld

Contracts & Insurance
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history & future

Light Art Collection b.v. (ltd) is a subsidiary of the Amsterdam Light Festival Foundation, which develops light festivals since 2012. Over these years, the foundation has built the largest collection of light art in the world by commissioning artists to create works for its festival: Light Art Collection.

During the entire year, the team of Light Art Collection actively seeks for exhibition possibilities in order to give the artworks a new, international stage. By doing this, we serve three purposes: the artist gains international recognition and receives a honorarium; the hosting city utilizes our expertise of creating light art exhibitions and Amsterdam Light Festival recoups part of the production costs.

After Amsterdam Light Festival, Light Art Collection reconditions the artworks, makes them travel-ready and provides good storage and documentation. We train and educate technicians to build up and program the works again. We visit cities and listen to local stories. With our artworks, we tell new stories in accordance with the environment, in order to make the location more attractive for a wide audience. Furthermore, we can advise you on the whole exhibition process: from organizing the grand opening and determining the route to enhancing the visitor experience and developing the side-programme for young and old.

Light Art Collection aims to develop long term relationships with partners to create exhibitions. Our partners are located all around the world, currently largely focused in Europe, North-America and Asia. They include city marketeers for middle-sized and large cities and real-estate administrators, but also museums, parks and festivals have shown considerable interest.

Our ambition is never to have to put a work of light art into dark storage rooms. Let’s light up the world.

mission statement

Light Art Collection underlines that (light) art should be given world-wide stages instead of being stored away in dark storage rooms.

Light Art Collection believes that light artworks revitalize and enrich public space, the city centre, and other (urban) environments; bring people together and enforce interaction between its publics; bring joy, warmth and wonder.

Light Art Collection strives to offer its artists recognition and visibility all over the world.

Light Art Collection aims to work sustainable by re-vising, re-using and re-exhibiting artworks.


join the collection 

Light Art Collection consists of a collection of light art which has been developed for Amsterdam Light Festival. Every year the festival issues a Call for Concepts inviting artists from all over the world to propose new ideas for the festival. After participating in the festival, the artist's installation becomes part of the collection.

In some cases it is possible to add an artwork to the collection without participation in the festival. In that case Light Art Collection will manage the work and take care of the entire organisation and the logistics needed to offer the work a new stage. To that end the work must meet certain artistic, technical and logistic conditions. The festival’s curator will also have a voice in determining whether a work meets the conditions in order to be added to the collection.

Are you interested? Send us an e-mail with an extensive conceptual description and visuals (if available) to info@lightart-collection.com.