1. What is light art?
Light art is an applied arts form in which light is the main medium of expression. Light Art Collection primarily works with light sculptures using different techniques including LED, laser, neon, video mapping or projection.

2. What does Light Art Collection do for the artists? 
Light Art Collection offers its artists similar benefits as an art gallery. It strives to get the artworks exhibited as often as possible, gets in contact with future partners, trains a technical team to build up and break down the artworks and offers the artists an artist fee every time the artwork is re-exhibited.

3. Can I join the collection as an artist? 
In some cases it is possible to add an artwork to the collection. However, it has to meet certain artistic, technical and logistic conditions. Are you interested? Please, send an email with an extensive conceptual and visual description to info@lightart-collection.com.

4. How environmental friendly are the artworks? 
The artworks of Light Art Collection are extremely environmentally conscious. All works are build with environmental friendly (LED IP67) lights. To give you an indication, the full Amsterdam Light Festival, containing out of 35 artworks, takes up as much electricity per night as an average local theatre.

5. Can Light Art Collection deliver the full production of a light festival?
Light Art Collection is able to design and produce a complete light festival. Examples of these are Nörrkoping Light Festival in Sweden and Toronto Light Festival in Canada.

6. Can I rent just one or two artworks? 
Yes, you can. However, we must note that the more artworks you rent the lower the shipping and production costs are.

7. Where can light art be exhibited?
Depending on the size and nature of the artwork light art can be exhibited both indoors as outdoors. Light Art Collection has installed light artworks in a great variety of urban environments, but also in nature (we have done some productions in botanical gardens) and in the water (we are specialists when it comes to installing light near or in the water).
Furthermore, light art installations work very well in the environment of dance or music festivals.

8. What is turn-key delivery?
Turn-key delivery means that we take care of all aspects of production, from transportation to build up and break down.

Want to know more? paul@lightart-collection.com