Photo: Christine Hess


Photo: Valery Bellengier




Rhizome explores the ideas behind individualism vs groups of people living together, which all illustrate (potential) togetherness,(dis)harmony and social constructions in contrast with biology and technology through the metaphoric symbols of sound and vision.These (dis)connections made between people and their habitat can be displayed as a geometric spacial web. The work mirrors this web idea, as hundreds of meters of light emitting rope is tied together to form a site specific network. This network is the reflection of our current society, that merges with the eco system and where people express themselves.


1. Rhizome, Kortrijk 2016. Photo by Valery Bellengier

2. Rhizome, Niagara Falls CA 2018. Photo by Christine Hess 

3. Rhizome, Knokke 2018. Photo by Valery Bellengier

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Size adjustable to circumstances

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  • suitable for land
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    for suspension

About Tom & Lien Dekyvere

Tom en Lien Dekyvere explore the deeper layers of reality and mind. Just as the alchemists of former times probing for unexpected connections, in search of the boundaries between nature and technology, between man and robot, between dead and living matter.

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