In their installation A.N.N., Hungarian Péter Koros and Réka Magyar of Koros Design use moving light to visualise a process that is similar to our brain activity. A.N.N. stands for ‘artificial neural network’: software that, like our brain, receives, interprets, processes and transmits information. ANN’s are widely used in speech recognition, self-driving cars and personalised filters on social media. Apple’s SIRI is an example of an ANN. The fact that A.N.N. is made of textile isn’t a coincidence: Koros has been designing kites for years and uses his expertise to create inflatable works of light art.



Header: copyright: Janus van den Eijnden
Slider 1: copyright: Bart Heemskerk
Slider 2: copyright: Janus van den Eijnden
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length: 20,5 m
width: 5,2 m
height: m

  • suitable for on water
  • suitable for land
  • this artwork is suitable
    for suspension

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