Cloudy Lanterns is a light art installation with floating geometric matrixes that immerse themself in the urban space by illuminating their diffuse and crystalline glow. These clouds, consisting of a thousand colored crystals, interrupt the ordinary landscape and force the passing crowds to stand still, raise their eyes and be amazed by the interplay of light, form and personal thoughts and interpretations. 

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    for suspension

About Mad Rhizome

Mad Rhizome artist Pierre Ranzini lives and works in Paris as a photographer, painter, videographer, performer, installer and musician; frequently mixing these different disciplines in his work. His artistic research is organized around the various possibilities of the formation of reality, through which he recently has developed new multimedia technologies. With proven experience in blending technology with art and anthropology with events, Ranzini activates and manipulates the know-how of his artistic network to meet all expectations in various interactive and multidisciplinairy installations.

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