The installation Existential: a Collection of Individuals (2017) is strikingly analogous for computer artist Alex Prooper. It consists of 576 LED lights hanging from a circular frame. Each individual light marks a spot on the ground; together the spots form a circle of light. The circle is not static: wind, a welcomes and unpredictable factor, keeps it in motion.

Wind gusts
In a gentle breeze the circle moves peacefully as a whole, but with wind gusts the lights move wildly and thus break the circle. Perhaps you have noticed that Prooper's starting point is still the same as with his computer art: a chaotic system – the wind – produces an irregular pattern: the dancing light spots.

Community of lights
The effect is hypnotic, you just have to look at it, like waves breaking on the beach or licking flames in a fire. Over time, you will see that the lights form a community, a circle without a beginning or an end and in which all are equal. They move, just like us, to their own free will, until they come into contact with others. Then, they have to adapt: after all, we do not exist on this earth alone.

Copyright Janus van den Eijnden


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length: 20 m
width: 20 m
height: 3 m

  • suitable for on water
  • suitable for land
  • this artwork is suitable
    for suspension

About AlexP

The artistic duo AlexP consists of Alex Prooper (1963) and his girlfriend and assistant Simone van Dam (1973). Prooper arrived at art in an unusual way. Originally he was a physicist, and then quickly devoted himself to developing specialised, commercial software. After a few years, he decided to use his skill with complex software to create a new form of art: 'computer art'.

Prooper explicitly does not use his computer to imitate another medium (such as paint on a canvas or a camera), but generates a whole new form of art (images, videos, sounds). He is particularly concerned with the design of digital, chaotic systems that produce all kinds of patterns and structures.

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