Eye to Eye (2017) is in the shape of a giant nazar, the amulet that protects people, animals and objects from the evil eye by bouncing off jealous and malicious looks. In the Middle East, especially in Turkey, the amulet is very popular: as piece of jewellery, in homes and farms, in taxi’s and even on airplanes. It is shaped like an eye, with a black pupil, light blue iris, whites, and a dark blue rim, usually made of glass.

Selmani magnified this familiar ‘pop icon’ to become an instrument that protects the city, its inhabitants, and visitors not only from the evil eye, but against all forces of evil.

Feeling of safety
Selmani’s all-seeing eye watches us at all times, but not as a threatening Big Brother who wants to retain full control, or as a surveillance camera that invades our privacy. Eye to Eye is a landmark watching over us and creating a safe and peaceful zone. That feeling of safety is what Selmani wants his visitors to experience also on a personal level: his talisman speaks with calming blue light and a glowing aura directly (‘eye to eye’) to our deepest individual being, brings peace and encourages us.

Copyright Janus van den Eijnden


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length: 3 m
width: m
height: 3 m

  • suitable for on water
  • suitable for land
  • this artwork is suitable
    for suspension

About Driton Selmani

Driton Selmani (1987) lives and works in Pristina, the capital city of Kosovo, where he also completed his bachelor Graphic Design at the art academy. He did his masters in fine arts in Bournemouth, Great Britain.

Selmani’s work is very diverse: drawings, video, photography, sculptures, and installations. Next to his personal experiences, factors such as political, cultural and historical symbols and signs that bear a universal meaning play a large role in his practice.

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