Those who enter Fields of Frequencies are immersed in light and sound and have the chance to experience pure colour. In the ever-changing light composition, colours succeed one another at a slow pace, much like a live colour field painting. A light beam in a contrasting colour appears and disappears, as a meaningful in-between that intensifies the colours.

In 2009, Lidy Six created the installation TREMBLING sensing space, for which Joaquin Claussell composed the soundtrack. Through the road tunnel underneath Amsterdam Central Station (at that time under construction) visitors could make a journey along all colours of the spectrum. For that installation Six used theatre lights with coloured filters, but shortly after she started experimenting with advanced LED lights. Almost any colour can be mixed with LEDs and radiate an intense light. This makes them ideally suitable for Six to show the 'vibrations' of colour. This research led her installation Fields of Frequencies, for which she once again worked together with Claussell.

Colour frequencies
Six challenges the limits of your perception, with the magical effect of the subtle changes in colour. The different colour frequencies each evoke their own atmosphere, emotions and associations, which are enhanced by Joaquin Claussell's layered fields of sound. What do you experience, for example, in warm yellow, pale pink or night blue? With Fields of Frequencies, Six takes us out of our daily reality for a moment, and lets us experience a different dimension in a meditative state.

Made possible by:
Concept & lighting design - Lidy Six
Soundscape - Joaquin ‘Joe’ Claussell
Light operator - Varja Klosse
Sound technician- George Dhauw
Production - Hans Westendorp

Copyright Janus van den Eijnden

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Size adjustable to circumstances

  • suitable for on water
  • suitable for land
  • this artwork is suitable
    for suspension

About Lidy Six

Light plays an important role in Lidy Six’ current work. She started her career as a theatre director, and has increasingly focused on making performances, 'experience spaces' and installations. Over the years, her work has become more and more minimalist.

She discovered how strong the sensory experience can be if you are offered the peace to experience the essential - the space, the light, a colour, a tone and their magical effect. She has been exploring the frequencies of colour (of light and sound) with Joaquin 'Joe' Claussell, a DJ, composer and producer from New York who, besides energetic dance music, also makes subtle soundscapes.

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