In her work, Hanna Betsema aims to create a sense of order our daily overload of information. As a starting point for her installation Squared Time she asked the question: what is the most efficient way to deal with our valuable time? In our 24-hour economy, it is essential to make the optimal use of time. Even as a student you regularly run out of time.

10 minutes
Betsema based her project on a study, which found out that it is most efficient to work in 10-minute time blocks.. Since there are 1440 minutes in 24 hours, you have 144 blocks of 10 minutes per day. For each task you can decide if you want to spend one or more of these blocks. You use each block briefly and to the point. This way you increase your concentration and keep an overview, and eventually your day feels longer.

Tangible time
Betsema still considered the idea too abstract and made tangible blocks of the time units, which are given content and presence by the light that they contain. By seeing all of the blocks together and being able walk around them, you can physically experience and comprehend how much time fits in one day. Betsema found out that 10 minutes can take a long time if you are aware of the passage of time – you have probably experienced that when you were waiting for something. But you can also ask yourself: where is the time for idleness, for doing nothing and reflection?

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About Hanna Betsema

Hanna Betsema (1991) already participated in Amsterdam Light Festival as a student: in 2016 she participated with a number of students in the artwork Translucent, a 'living' streetlight on the Mr. Visserplein that responds to passers-by.

Now that she has recently graduated as a teacher in visual arts at the Amsterdam Breitner Academy, she is showing her graduation project Squared Time.

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