Lambert Kamps' work evolves from concepts that he develops over a longer period of time. He experiments extensively with materials, techniques and construction methods in his workshop, which is suitably located in a former university bio-lab in Haren. For example, Kamps has been experimenting with LED lamps for almost ten years now. He uses compressed air to slide them in and out of a tube, making it seem like they switch on and off in an alternating pattern.

This is how Kamps' installation Touch of Time (2017) came into being, which simultaneously hypnotises and confuses passers-by. But don’t be fooled: this clock isn’t synchronised! It speeds up, slows down, skips or entirely disappears. The numbers make way for geometrical patterns that are made up of the same, moving light elements. Visualised by light, time is not a given that dictates our daily routine and reminds us of everything we still have to do. Instead, Kamps lets you experience time right here, right now.

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length: 4 m
width: m
height: 2 m

  • suitable for on water
  • suitable for land
  • this artwork is suitable
    for suspension

About Lambert Kamps

Lambert Kamps’ (1974) work is on the verge of art, design and architecture. Kamps often works in collaboration with artists, architects and designers on large interdisciplinary projects. The fact that he originally graduated as a sculptor is still very visible in his work: construction and volume are important aspects.

Kamps makes large-scale and often temporary work for the public space. There, it becomes not only physically but also mentally accessible to spectators. They can approach it open-mindedly, can freely associate and are stimulated and activated.

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