A recurring subject in Lauren Ewing's work is the clash between nature and culture. She is deeply concerned about water and air pollution, the extinction of species, and global warming. Her installation Lightwave (2017) is a reminder of the life-threatening consequences of rising sea levels. Ewing's wave of light rises from the canal onto the quayside, stops at its highest point and obscures everything behind it in the park.

Collective consciousness
In the Netherlands, where large parts of the country live below sea level after centuries of reclaiming land, this is a real concern. But are you aware of it every day? Ewing believes that as art evokes shared, universal experiences (questions, emotions, associations), it can also activate our collective consciousness, thus creating a first step towards a new 'bioethical enlightenment' of our society.

Modernist doubt
Lightwave also evokes something less concrete. After the declaration that “God is dead”, by the German philosopher Nietzsche in the late 19th century, the realisation that we determine our own destiny gave rise to waves of modernist doubt and anxiety, sometimes overwhelming the self. The way in which we overcome fears and doubts and navigate the challenges we have to face lies at the very heart of our existence.

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length: 7 m
width: 8 m
height: 4 m

  • suitable for on water
  • suitable for land
  • this artwork is suitable
    for suspension

About Lauren Ewing

Lauren Ewing Lauren Ewing (US, 1946) preferably shows her art in public spaces. There it is located in our immediate surrounding, it is accessible to everyone (and his or her interpretation), and we do not have to cross the often-high threshold of the museum.

Ewing produces, among others, large sculptures and installations in which she invests multiple layers of meaning with images, electronic text, sound and light. Sometimes she uses light quite literally, as a medium, but in other cases her work is about visibility and invisibility, and the associated balance of power or lack thereof.

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