The creation of the interactive installation Light Piano 2.0 was inspired by the question "how can music and image become one?" The cubes placed in this spatial composition are connected to the keys of the piano, meaning that Light Piano 2.0 can be regarded as both a work of art and an instrument. 

In this installation the sound of the piano is being visualized, allowing the audience not only to play the piano but also to play the light. The result is a special kind of instrument that resonates with ears, eyes and heart. Don't hesitate and play!

Copyright Toronto Light Festival

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Size adjustable to circumstances

  • suitable for on water
  • suitable for land
  • this artwork is suitable
    for suspension

About Kleurbleur

Artist collective Kleurbleur creates visual presence in the broadest meaning of the word ranging from theater and dance performance to exhibitions and company events. Starting in 2012, Kleurbleur develops, produces, and installs artworks, projects, and exhibitions. Each project has its own unique challenge but the artists are always working on the crossroads of spatial-, light- and interaction design intersecting with music, video-mapping and graphic design. They worked for multiple festivals, museums, cultural institutions, Dutch television and companies like Nissan, G-Shock and Vice. 

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