Ben Zamora's installation MYTH (2017) creates a variety of instinctive associations. Horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines light up in a tight grid, and constantly change in a rhythm that starts quietly but gradually becomes faster and faster. The lines continuously form new compositions, a system of words and punctuation – are you looking at cuneiforms, hieroglyphs or graffiti?

Recognise language
Zamora appeals to our deeply anchored tendency to instantly recognise language. Our human need to express ourselves in writing is ancient and universal: it enabled us to keep records, transfer messages, and record stories. It arranged our actions and our history.

With MYTH, Zamora tells a story, a myth about other indefinite times and worlds. He leaves it to your own interpretation what that story is about and what it means, giving you space for reflection and a moment of rest in the busy city.

Copyright Janus van den Eijnden

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length: 12 m
width: 3 m
height: 12 m

  • suitable for on water
  • suitable for land
  • this artwork is suitable
    for suspension

About Ben Zamora

Since completing his master Lighting Design, Seattle-based Ben Zamora (1977) makes lighting designs and objects for opera and theatre performances. In addition, he makes large, autonomous (light) installations and sculptures, mostly seen in museums or at festivals.

His artworks often consist of surfaces and lines that have no beginning and no end - just like the buildings and interiors of De Stijl art movement – and seamlessly dissolve in their surroundings. Zamora draws inspiration from the elements fire, water, earth and sun and seeks to connect with our most instinctive, primary feelings. With his work, he wants to immerse you in an overall experience that will let you rise above your everyday worldly existence.

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