NEST, the light art object by Vikas Patil and Santosh Gujar at ALF, with people sitting inside


NEST, the light art object by Patil and Gujar at Amsterdam Light Festival





NEST (2016) is based on bowerbirds from Australia that built nest strictly from recycled materials. Animals are very practical when it comes to their homes and built a new one from scratch if they need to. Maybe it is useful for mankind to reevaluate if it is necessary to only build permanent constructions. Building techniques that are inspired by animals are used more often in architecture. This is called organic architecture. NEST from Vikas Patil and Santosh Gujar is inspired by this architectural movement. It triggers us to look at buildings with an open mind. Vikas Patil and Santosh Gujar want to make you aware of the possibility of this organic architecture. This colorful object contains multiple light sequences as shown in the pictures.

Cover: Copyright Toronto Light Festival
Slider: Copyright Janus van den Eijnden

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length: 2,5 m
width: 2,5 m
height: 2,5 m

  • suitable for on water
  • suitable for land
  • this artwork is suitable
    for suspension

About Vikas Patil & Santhosh Gujar

Vikas Patil is a light designer and architect from India. After his master at the Instituto Europeo di Design in Milan, he worked on different projects in India and various European and Arabian countries. Patil is the owner of the established Studio ALBA Lightning Design that is based in Mumbai and was founded in 2011.


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