Every day, we are confronted with an abundance of (advertising) images. We would almost forget that, until writing was invented, we shared stories by telling them. Over time, our eyes have become more important than our ears. Tom Biddulph and Barbara Ryan honour our ‘windows on the world’. Their eye is an icon, a symbol. Boats that pass under the bridge are an important part of this artwork: they are like rays of light captured by the eye. As visitors we not only look at the city, but the city also looks back at us.


Photo's: copyright: Bart Heemskerk

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About Tom Biddulph and Barbara Ryan

Tom Biddulph (1991) and Barbara Ryan (1992) met five years ago during their graphic design studies at Kingston University in London. For the past three years, they have been working individually as art directors at different creative agencies in Amsterdam, but occasionally work together on a variety of projects, from photography to magazine design. This work that they are creating for Amsterdam Light Festival is their very first work of light art.

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