Light artwork `Northern Lights` by Aleksandra Stratimirovic at Amsterdam Light Festival




We can now enjoy the northern light continuously, be it in the form of the work of art created by the Swedish light artist Alesksandra Stratimirovic. The breathtaking work extents itself up to 50 meters in the air and is programmed in such a way that an unpredictable curtain of light is created.

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length: 50-100 m
width: m
height: 5 m

  • suitable for on water
  • suitable for land
  • this artwork is suitable
    for suspension

About Aleksandra Stratimirovic

The Stockholm-based artist Aleksandra Stratimirovic creates site-specific works in the public space. Her work is often exhibited in Sweden and abroad, in hospitals, schools, train stations and living spaces. In addition to her work as visual artist, Stratimirovic keeps herself busy as co-founder of the Lighting Guerrilla Festival in Ljublana, Slovenia as artistic director of the Belgrade Light Festival in Serbia.

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