The influence of light plays a leading role in Reanna Niceforo and Phil Sutherland’s project Enlightened? (2017). The installation’s photo booth is not meant to take a photograph but instead, makes you become aware of the process that is so essential for taking a shot: exposure. Once you step up to the window in the booth, light hits you from different directions and with varying intensities. You see the result in front of you, which is exposed to bystanders outside via a projection. The effect is quite dramatic: every few seconds you change into a completely different person with varying temperaments from seductive to evil.

Allegory of Plato
Niceforo and Sutherland were inspired by an allegory of Plato; a man, trapped in a cave, perceives only transient shadows and echoes (our daily reality) but never comes into contact with real life (the perfect, ordered world). We have the illusion that there is only one true version of ourselves.

Shadow of the wall
Niceforo and Sutherland shed light on the fact that this one version does not exist at all: our self- image is like a shadow on the wall of the cave. With regards to the perception we have of ourselves, we are far from ‘illuminated’. And if the image we have of ourselves – the centre of our personal universe – is so different, what does that say about the other firm assumptions we hold about the world around us?

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About Reanna Niceforo and Phil Sutherland

Reanna Niceforo
Reanna Niceforo is a self-thought multidisciplinary artist from Toronto, Canada. Her work ranges from jewelry design, mixed media, contemporary crafts, art in the public space and installations. Niceforo loves public art because of the shared experience that is created. She believes that it is the public that brings the magic into the artwork.

Phil Sutherland
For ‘Dancing with Trees’ Reanna Niceforo collaborates with Phil Sutherland, a professional photographer that is also from Toronto. He is co-owner of Reprint Studio 205 and Production Studio and the founder of the West Toronto Photography Group. Sutherland works in the advertisement sector as well, where he specializes in big installations.

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