Next to exhibiting artworks we provide many additional services

Exhibition advise

We use our years of experience and knowledge from Amsterdam Light Festival to create and give advise about the creation of exhibitions with our artworks on an international level. With every exhibition we make a new story in accordance with the environment, in order to make the location more attractive and engage the inhabitants with the city.

We can advise you on the whole exhibition process: from telling the right story to determining the route, and from the organization of the grand opening and enhancing the visitor experience to developing the side-programme for young and old.

Turn-key delivery

Light Art Collection works according to a turn-key delivery service. We take care of all aspects of a production from transportation to the build up and break down. All services underneath are included.

Technical advise

What is the smartest way to conduct a route, how can we create a festival-heart and how do we maintain the artworks during the exhibition period? These are all examples of questions our technical specialists are more than happy to answer.


Before an artwork goes into storage, Light Art Collection builds custom-made frames and flight cases so it is immediately ready for transport. Together with our transportation partners, with whom we’ve been working for the bigger part of a decade, we facilitate the transportation all over the globe.


Build up & break down

After the end of each Amsterdam Light festival the artworks are revised to perfect condition and stored in one of our facilities. Light Art Collection also trains a professional team of technicians to program, build-up and break down the artworks.

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